Ferdinand still doesn’t want to compare Mainoo with the best players.

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Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand still doesn’t want to raise the club’s young midfielder Kobbie Mainoo to the level of football legends after receiving high praise.

 The 18-year-old was outstanding in the game that the Raiders won. Wolverhampton 4-3 in the middle of last week. He was the one who scored the winning goal for the team to win three points. So much so that fans praise Mainoo, comparing him to a player with the level of Claude Makelele, the legend of the French national team.

    Speaking on YouTube’s Vibe With Five, Ferdinand said: “I saw some people saying ‘Oh Mainoo is better than Makelele’. Please don’t twist it. This kid is just beginning his journey, he is not Makelele, he has not reached that stage yet. We cannot compare with these people.”

    “We can talk about people who look like him. I think he plays similar to Seedorf, that’s who I look up to in his game. I’m not saying Mainu is as good as any of them or will be good enough, but I can see the similarities.

    “If Mainoo were to get anywhere near the level of a player like Seedorf, he would be thanking God by saying, ‘Thank you very much for your career.’ Seedorf is one of the most underrated and underrated players in the world.”

    “But you’re OK saying he’s similar to a player like Seedorf. Look at the goal he scored [against Wolves], that’s similar to Seedorf, a little bit of balance and strength. He looks the same in both his ways and his movements. and getting out of a difficult situation with both feet.” สมัคร ufabet

    “You can say there’s a bit of similarity, but not Seedorf, he’s not at that level yet. It’s a long way to go but he gives me that feeling.”