Deco revealed that he has not yet approached new coach.

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Barcelona are not yet in talks with any coaches to take over as new coach this summer.

Barcelona sporting director Anderson Deco has confirmed that the club has not yet spoken with any coach to succeed Xavi Hernandez as coach of Barcelona. who will step down this summer From a reveal with UFABET last Monday.

Barcelona have been linked with many coaches including Jurgen Klopp, Miguel Arteta, Imanol Alguacil, Miguel Angel Sanchez Muñe. Oz or Michel, Hansi Flick, Julian Nagelsmann, Sergio Conceicao, Thiago Motta or even Barca coach Rafael Marquez. Athletic or the club’s reserve team

When asked about Thiago Motta, 41, who played for Barcelona between 2001 and 2007 and is currently doing well as Bologna’s coach, Deco replied: ‘ I haven’t followed Motta too much because he isn’t with the Italian team I normally watch.’

‘Yes, I watch Marquez because he is here. He is a young coach who is rising amid adversity. Staying here will make you a better coach.’

When asked about the current situation regarding recruiting a new trainer, Deco replied: ‘At the moment we are not talking to any coaches. We are absorbing the passing of Xavi.’ ยูฟ่าเบท

‘They have to follow the line of work they’re doing. It’s unlikely we’ll be a team that doesn’t want to play well. I don’t want to control the ball. From this concept Each coach has their own personality. But whoever comes must have ambition and a hunger to do great things. and know where they come from’