Donnarumma asks to stay in Paris – indicates the team must choose the number one

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Gianluigi Donnarumma, goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain Confirmed that he is happy with the club and wants to stay with the team. Ready to point out that next year the ufabet team will have to choose who will be the first

         The Italian national team goalkeeper has featured in 23 games in all competitions this season, while Gaylor Navas has played 25 games. This year the team won the Ligue 1 championship, despite not playing a full unit. But Donnarumma insists he is happy and wants to stay with the team. Ready to point out that next year will have to decide who will continue to be number one

         “I want to stay at PSG, I am happy with my first trophy in a Paris Saint-Germain shirt, I am very proud to be part of this club. who are always very ambitious and set high goals,” Donnarumma told AFP.

         “When I arrived here I didn’t feel the pressure of the European Championships. Although it is not easy to adjust.”

         “It’s not an easy season. I know I can do better. I played halfway and I wasn’t at my best. But I believe I can show more with this team and this club.”

        For next season, sharing a game with another goalkeeper, Donnarumma said: “No, I don’t think it will. The club must choose I have a good relationship with Gaylor, we are both good people. we understand the situation But it was also difficult for him. Let’s say we succeeded By saving us from the whole group and with the understanding between us.”